Management buy-out at GRT Spedition & Logistik

GRT Spedition & Logistik GmbH has been operating in Austria for more than 25 years. The company specialising in the transport of agricultural goods, as well as products of the paper, wood, vehicle, machine and metalworking industries, generated sales of around EUR 6.5 million in 2018.

Now a new generation is in charge. Through a management buyout, Monika Neunteufel, BA became the sole shareholder and managing director of the Wels-based company with currently 9 employees. Almir Orascanin joined the board on 1 May 2019 as an authorised officer of GRT. Together they will enter new paths.

Both Monika Neunteufel and Almir Orascanin have been with the company for more than 10 years and know the industry from scratch. Monika Neunteufel started 15 years ago at GRT as an administrative assistant and has been managing the company in Austria for over 10 years. Almir Orascanin was one of the first employees to build up the Eastern European market. Together they have experienced a lot and are now forming a strong duo.

A woman at the top is still rare in this industry. Not least because of her extraordinary management skills, the new owner was honored with the prize “Unternehmerinnen Award 2018”. For Monika Neunteufel it is particularly important that each employee can develop individually. She is convinced that her team will only do a good job if each colleague is assured of the best possible conditions and the trust of the employer.

The neo-entrepreneur has a clear idea of how this works: “My employees should not sit out their time in the office. They should drive the business and serve our customers. When, how and where they do it is up to each one. Each of us has
different strengths. And we have to push that. There’s no point putting people in a corset which restricts them.”

In addition, the company’s CEO pays attention to “that we fit well to our customers and partners.” If that is not true, then we would stand in our own way. And so Monika Neunteufel specifies: “People should like to call us and also have fun. We love what we do. Hence our new slogan: ‘We love Transport’. We really do. And I feel that with every one of my employees. I’m proud of that.”

For this reason, in the last 10 years, a network of partners has developed with which GRT can act with enormous flexibility. These plans are great. Thus GRT should also expand to other European countries. Fairness, honest cooperation, trust and longevity are the basis for mastering the challenges of the coming years.

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