Tirolia Spedition investing more than EUR 5 million in new building with “open-air office”

Working in the fresh air at all times: what many office workers dream of, will become reality for the 80 employees of Tirolia Spedition in Ebbs from mid-2020.

By then the 2,000 m² new office building will be completed. A 400 m² “office loggia” with 30 fully-fledged, weather-protected workplaces will allow to work in the fresh air.

Managing Director and Client Michael Lukasser: “Our company has always invested a great deal in the most pleasant working environment possible for our teams. Because this contributes significantly to the joy of work and is the prerequisite for good performance in the long term.”

The project calls for the planners and the craft businesses involved – most of them local Ebbs companies – because floor, acoustic ceiling, computer equipment, tables and chairs must defy wind and moisture.

On Saturday, 14th of September, Michael Lukasser invited all employees with their families, the craftsmen and Ebbs Mayor Josef Ritzer to the first celebration in the shell. As part of the festival, the company also honored its long-term employees.

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